January 26, 2003


woo, to support the new MSSQL worm that's going around, my site now converted to use mySQL, so there!

Posted by Hastur at 03:03 PM

discordia.org.il again

well, discordia.org.il has now moved to geeklog, and now looks very nice but needs
1. A logo
2. Content, and
3. Users.
ah well, you can't win a mall...

Posted by Hastur at 02:32 PM

January 13, 2003

Jump and bump!

Just ran into Jump n Bump on my random net wanderings.
for those of you who do not know it, it is a cute gore-filled multiplayer game where each player plays a cute bunny, bent on on the destruction of other cute fluffy (did I mention fluffy?) bunnies.
blood and gore ensue

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January 10, 2003

bored artist strikes again

was bored, made this.
will it ever end?

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January 07, 2003

Tinfoil hat on!

Hey, I just made myself a THL distro, and it is good but not enough.
when I get some free time I'm going to add better wiping(memory and disk), more noise, better screen hiding and much more paranoia(and possibly do some UI work).
also had a patch of mine added to the Electricsheep screensaver, a new beta(10) of which is here.
our home linux router should now be alive, and I am considering adding mySQL to my hosting(mainly for the benefit of discordia.org.il), though I'll prolly wouldn't bother if nobody will go there.
also attempting the construction of a spamtrap, which unfortunately I find myself in a very good position to make.
that's all for now, Hastur out.
(this post partially provided for by my palm, expect something like a better MT posting interface or palm client here soonish)

Posted by Hastur at 03:32 PM