December 24, 2002

well, should be up by now, currently only contains a blog as the main page and no distinction, but soon will be filled with (dis?)content!

probably DNS hasn't been updated yet, so if you can't get there via the usual methods, use the IP.

Posted by Hastur at 01:04 AM

December 11, 2002

ain't that cute?

was bored, made this piccie.
bleeding smiley
blame it on this site.
also, made first category post! woo! which doesn't help you one bit!

Posted by Hastur at 12:24 PM

December 10, 2002

minor backend work

working a bit on the blog, lesse if this here works...
Google searches now work, though hack is somewhat ugly, ask me if you want it.
perhaps I should ask amazon for a book about hacking or perhaps google will be of more assistance...?

oh well.
I should change the google macro to output in a prettier way, but not right now...

all this done using mt-macro and some changes done to so google search will accept parameters

Posted by Hastur at 02:55 AM