June 09, 2003

A rant

I've recently paid for a Sprocket Data server, Unfortunatly for me, It's based on Redhat 9. (it would have been nice if their site had more information about which versions they actually use, I expected 7.3)
Redhat have somehow managed to create dependencies where none should exist, for example, it seems I need the Perl CGI module to install lynx.
My main problem is that I'm trying to install the Everything Engine.
things are looking better now,though
I've managed to get most of everything to build by now by ripping out perl 5.8.0 and all it's modules, gently convincing up2date the system is a 7.3 one and manually reinstalling perl 5.6.2, several wayward libraries and all needed modules.
tomorrow, I'll probably have to reinstall Apache, mod_perl and Everything, to boot.
update: pointed link to everydevel.org instead of everydevel.com, silly.

Posted by Hastur at 04:50 AM